About TrickLanes

TrickLanes is an all-female company located in Kastoria – Greece that creates handmade bags with inspiration and attention to detail.

At TrickLanes, we follow traditional techniques with a modern perspective.
We use hand-selected, top quality fabrics, in both classic and funky colors and shapes, combined with luxurious yarns and ribbons.

As a result, each bag is completely handmade, highly detailed and totally unique!


About the Designer

TrickLanes is the vision of Iro Langioti. Iro was born in Kastoria, northern Greece, world’s fur & leather capital. Grown up in a family with great history of business directly related to fashion. Full of ideas and creativity from an early age, she studied fashion design at the University of Central Lancashire, England. In recent years she has been dynamically engaged in styling, fashion photography and fashion shows, evolving into a dynamic fashion influencer. Iro is the person behind TrickLanes.

Her grandmother taught her to knit, her mother helped her take the technique to the next level. Her explosive creativity pushed her to use traditional art with a fresh, distinctive approach to the design of women’s bags. The crochet patterns are conversationally engaging with fur and leather. Her youthfulness and pioneer look intertwine with the memories, knowledge and experience of her “assistants”. The result, with emphasis on quality and detail, is unique and thrilling!

Iro is in constant research for new creative ways to express. She thinks that women’s bags are somehow alive. They are each woman’s extension, they carry in every exciting moment, the most beloved memories!

Discover them – Discover TrickLanes and dare to be Unique!

About our dream

A TrickLanes bag is not just an accessory. It’s a story. It’s a dream come to life.

First we dream it…

We believe that every woman must be able to hold her dream bag. We look up to, we discuss with, we learn from, we are inspired by women all over the world. Each one of you can be the spark for our next creation!


Then we design it…

The design is the groovy part! We must bring the dream to reality. We must find the perfect centerpiece material and combine it with the appropriate yarn or ribbon. All the materials we use are hand-picked, top quality and really really tempting to hold!


Then we create it…

Machines can’t make dreams come true – people can! It’s very important to us that TrickLanes bags are completely handmade. That’s why we don’t use any machinery throughout the production process. From the fabric piercing, to the lining, to the final sewing of TrickLanes’ tag – every little detail is manufactured using traditional tools and our hands.


Finally, YOU make it come to life!

The last part is your part. We believe that you can find your dream bag through our creations, and make it come to life! Preserve your precious possessions, keep your beloved memories, connect with wonderful people, share your exciting moments, discover yourself and dare to be unique, with TrickLanes!